AMT 7.0

You've read about it - now see and hear about it - AMT SDK 7.0

A few weeks back Ajith Illendula wrote a quick little blog about the new SDK 7.0. While Ajith is always a good read, sometimes all those words just seem to blur together. So, for those of you who are a little more visual, we've published a video highlighting all the latest developments in the latest release. Joey Edelstein, Senior Technical Information Engineer, takes to the screen with his depiction of what's new with SDK 7.0. Take a look:

Making AMT 7.0 a little easier

OK - I'll admit it. Enabling for AMT is probably not the easiest part of your day. It's a pretty tricky technology that requires a bit of persistance. But I can assure you that if you find a spot to integrate AMT into your application, you'll never regret it. It's part of my job to make available to you all the tools and resources you'll need to get AMT integrated into your application. With the latest release of AMT - AMT 7.0 I decided to try something a little different. I grouped all of the primary tools, documents and videos into a single web page.

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