Dan Garcia

Are the right changes coming to computer science Advanced Placement courses?

Conversations with Dan Garcia of the University of California at Berkeley are always exciting. For those of you who do not know him, Dan is a leader in bringing parallelism into the classroom, moreover, he is one of those great teachers who not only is truly in love with his subject, he communicates that love to those whom he teaches. Dan talks of the passion, beauty and awe of computing and after spending a few minutes with him, you become as enthralled as is he.

It's a Snap to find the Scratch to BYOB in class

Sure I knew my friend Dan Garcia has been working to re-establish the joy and beauty of computer science to a whole new generation.

And yeah, talking with enthusiastic Dan convinced inspired me to develop a parallel class at my college.

Little did I know that the language to which he was gravitating was going to be so doggone fun and appropriate.

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