Animator, Artist - Are You Nuts? Probably - but There is Help!

I was talking to Carl Jacobson from Cakewalk a while back about the challenges artists face in this world. Okay, I know, Cakewalk creates audio software, not what you'd normally call "visual computing" software but stick with me on this for a minute. Audio and visual are pretty much intertwined - especially for animators.

Throw Mom from the Train (figuratively...) - a must for artists...

Mom loves you.  She absolutely adores everything you do. That's why, if you want to excel as an artist, you must throw Mom from the train - in a figurative sense anyway.

Why?  Because mom loves the early stages of your art - the messed up line drawings, the noodles and doodles - exactly the way they ARE.  Mom is your number one fan...

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