Good-bye, Tech-Ed'08 and see you next year!

So, Microsoft Tech-Ed EMEA Developers 2008 is history and we had a lot of fun, great technical chats with people, crowded tech sessions and deep interest in Intel programming tools. So we counted more than 200 people at Ralph‘s and Edmund‘s tech sessions, several hundred guys at the Intel stand and the same number of participants during the raffle.

Video session: multi-threaded coding with Intel tools

We talked about his tech session already where he showed the different aspects if you want to turn your serial-coded software into a powerful multi-threaded application. Additionally we had an interesting video chat with Intel's Ralph de Wargny right after his presentation where he answered our challenging questions.

Video chat: transform serial coded software into multi-threaded apps

Only a few minutes before his tech session during Microsoft Tech-Ed EMEA 2008 Edmund Preiss from the Intel Software & Services Group faced up to our three challenging questions:

1. What is your tech session all about?

2. Which tools help to multi-thread serial code?

3. How does Intel Parallel Studio help Windows developers?

Tech-Ed'08 session video: Intel tools for multi-core programming


During his tech session at Microsoft Tech-Ed EMEA 2008 Ralph de Wargny from Intel‘s software group talked about the several aspects that are important if you want to get the best out of your C++ compiled applications. Still a lot of software titles are programmed sequentially and thus forego chances to scale properly.

Video interview with Microsoft's parallel guru Steve Teixeira

During the second day of Tech-Ed EMEA Developers 2008 we had the great opportunity to talk to Steve Teixeira, one of the guys at Microsoft who is really focused on topics like parallel programming and multi-threaded applications. So we took our Sony camera out of its box, turned the mike on and asked him five challenging questions:

Tech-Ed'08 started: first impressions from Barcelona

Finally, we made it to Barcelona! After a smooth journey with Spanair, a long tax ride to the hotel and severals meters walking distance we reached the Intel booth which is located within the huge exhibitor hall. Here you have a lot of Microsoft staff covering the different areas. And there are even several XBOX playing points where you can express yourself.

Microsoft Tech-Ed EMEA Developers, we are coming!

In only a few hours we will enter the aircraft with destination Barcelona, Spain, Europe. You might have read about already on this weblog: We will join Microsoft's huge developers conference by the name of Tech-Ed EMEA 2008. During the whole week starting tonight we will cover all the hot and exciting topics in regards to Intel's tools and technologies.

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