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Intel at DICE Summit 2014

Intel is excited to announce that we’re the platinum sponsors for this year’s 2014 D.I.C.E. Summit! Please stop by the D.I.C.E. Arcade area to catch a glimpse into both Intel and Havok’s latest gaming platform directions, technologies, and solutions. Intel is proud to promote this year’s event that will culminate with the 17th Annual D.I.C.E.

How Intel's Haswell Disrupts the PC Ecosystem for the Better!

          I’m sure most of you have already heard a lot about Intel’s Haswell set of chipsets being publicly named the 4th Generation Core™ Processors with Intel® Iris™ and Intel® HD Graphics by now.   So I’ll take a slightly different tack than the types of reviews, blogs, or coverage I’m sure most of you have all already been exposed to.  I’ll talk about some actual first hand experiences that have transformed my gaming habits that typically don’t get into the spotlight.

Avoid the PC nomenclature cliff! Get ready for the next gen of PCs!

On a weekly basis I see or read some sort of craziness around what a PC is.   Seems pretty simple right?  After all... a PC = Personal Computing device.  However; the trap I see a lot of people falling into is that they are confusing the latest crop of personal computing devices - form vs. the function. 

The Impending Console Hangover

So I'm going to take my gloves off a bit on this blog.  Prepare yourselves!  :-)

One of the biggest things I'm getting very sick and tired of reading about lately is all the news talking about how the video games industry is down.  Really?  That's at best only partially accurate.  Want the accurate way this should be reading? Here it is:

The Console Video Games Industry is WAY down.  The PC Video Games Industry continues to thrive and grow. 

The Next Generation of Game Engines is available NOW – UE4 and Fortnite

We just posted a great article & spotlight up on the PC Gaming Alliance Website that provides a quick snapshot of the Next Generation Unreal Engine 4, and Fortnite, brought to you by Epic!  Go check out the article and share with your friends!  http://pcgamingalliance.org/featured/entry/review-unreal-engine-4

I’d like to share some quick thoughts and observations with everyone here as well.  

PAX 2012 - What a Great Show!

PAX 2012 – What a Show!

PAX 2012 this year was another sell out show with at least 70,000 or more people showing up in Seattle.  Aside from some volunteer booth duty, an interview for a Publication, and some great Partner meetings; the big highlights for me this year were as follows:

1) The Customers/Attendees.  The energy in the crowd was infectious.  Seeing everyone so excited over the show and just simply ‘getting-into-it’.  Tons of Cosplay & incidentally some very amazing costumes!  Everyone seemed to be just having a great time.

Gamescom 2012 – PC Gaming comes out swinging!

Gamescom 2012 – PC Gaming comes out swinging!

So… I just got back from GDC-Europe, and Gamescom. Both were fantastic events. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay a day or two longer.

For GDC-Europe the highlight for me was Victor Kisliy’s (CEO Wargaming.net) Keynote on the Free to Play business model. Definitely more to it than most people think and anyone debating on whether or not to get in on the Free to Play business model really should go check out his GDC talk.

How do you Skyrim? Get the most bang for your gaming buck!

This blog could apply to any PC game; however, I’m going to use Skyrim by way of illustration since they’ve done a fantastic job of supporting the Gamepad and or the Mouse & Keyboard; unlike some other PC Game Ports I won’t mention. So a huge nod and kudos should go towards Zenimax/Bethesda for honoring the PC and not depriving PC Gamers of this much needed option and functionality.

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