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Authenticating signing certificates from XML Digital Signatures with Intel® SOA Expressway

Okay, this is my first post and I want to jump straight in with a neat little method of authentication which is often used when Intel® SOA Expressway is deployed as a Service Gateway. It also gives you the ability to be agnostic to whether you’re dealing with SOAP or REST XML patterns in your messaging.

Generally in these blogs I’m going to assume a little bit of familiarity with Intel® SOA Expressway and Intel® Services Designer but if you’re curious to know more or a noob then drop me a comment and I’ll fill you in on the extra detail.

Practical Application of Data Convergence

A typical Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) accepts data from an array of disparate sources. Often the data it accepts is semantically and syntactically altered by a providing system to satisfy interfacing requirements. However, there are also cases where data from different sources need to be properly merged before reaching the HIE's interface.

Intel announces Intel® SOA Expressway R2.3 and partnership with Sophos for Highly Regulated, Secure SOA

Today, the Intel® SOA Expressway product team has announced some of the great strides it has made with the latest release.

Security Policy Designer: The Intel® SOA Expressway gateway now allows relevant teams from architecture, security & operations to design & enforce policy templates that conform to Enterprise requirements

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