Intel® Concurrent Collections with Intel Scientist Kath Knobe - Parallel Programming Talk #129

Intel Labs Scientist Kath Knobe spent some time with Clay Breshears and Kathy Farrel on Parallel Programming Talk to talk about what's new with Intel® Concurrent Collections, a programming language and software framework developed by

Announcing Intel Concurrent Collections for Haskell 0.1

Hello Parallel Programmers!

Whether you're a functional programmer or not you've probably noticed an increasing number of FP-related concepts circulating in this Age of Parallelism: immutability, implicit parallelism, dataflow, and so on. These ideas seem to be getting around and in fact are alive and well here at Intel. They play a major (though possibly non-obvious) role within Intel Concurrent Collections and we've decided to bring them out to the surface with a Haskell edition of that library.

The 2009 Intel Threading Challenge Contest roundup

The winner for the Phase 2 portion of the 2009 Intel Threading Challenge Contest has been announced. Go to the contest website for details. For this contest, we broke up the problems into two Phases. The first phase had 6 problems and ran 13 weeks from 06 APR to 03 JUL; the second phase also had 6 problems to solve in 13 weeks from 24 AUG to 20 NOV. The description of the twelve problems is still available on the contest main page if you are curious about what the problems were.

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