Intel Manageability checker

Using the Software Assessment Tool for Manageability

My company has a product which is AMT capable, so when we heard about a tool for testing and sampling the manageability features in Andrew Schiestl’s blog  we agreed in using it. First step was downloading it, but you have to be a registered Intel partner, so if you’re not yet it’s a good time to do it.

Lots of New Content Available this Week - Become a new Manageability Blogger and Receive a Free Book

Lots of new content has recently arrived on our Manageability Community - I'll tell you about that in a minute but first - there is a Webinar Tuesday, April 20 9-10am PST (hey, that's tomorrow!) that covers two new Software Assessment Tools - the one we're interested in is the new Intel® Manageability Checker. You can still register now: Get a preview of the tool from this YouTube Video:

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