I See the Light(ing) - but Which Light Do I Use?

This week on the Artist/Animator site, Lucy Burton continues her series on using lights, 3D Lighting in Softimage.  No matter what software package you use, her tutorial will get you up to speed on the where and why of many of the light options in your toolbox.  Yeah, we want to build a great model, we want the animation to pop - but man, so much of the final look and feel is wrapped up in lighting and rendering!  Even if you don't plan on making lighting your specialty - it's good to know your options!


工欲善其事,必先利其器,在众多高品质游戏的制作中,游戏人物的脸部表情有时候起着至关重要的作用。 Softimage的产品在业界是众所周知的,ChinaJoy展出的Softimage的产品中也包括了Softimage XSI这样的利器。当然,吸引我眼球的除了XSI外还有非常令我关注的在视觉计算潮流中扮演重要角色的Face RobotFace Robot是利用建立脸部电脑模型从而来全方位模拟人脸所能作出的一系列表情动作,它的出现让高端电影、游戏等创造更逼真的脸部动画。


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