Why Sunshine and Bug Fixing Go Together

I was having lunch at the recent LinuxCon and Plumbers conference with a colleague, bragging as usual about how much I love my home near Portland, Oregon. He was having none of it - he feels like Boulder, Colorado where he lives is superior and he was frankly being belligerent about it. (Imagine that, and he even worked for me for a while!) I suppose there are some things to like about Boulder, but I trudged through hip-deep snow there just last winter. In Portland, people claims it rains all the time, but this summer keeps going on and on.

It's good weather to fix bugs in.

Interview: Nanhai Zou, Linux Graphics Engineer

Nanhai Zou is a Senior Software Engineer at the Intel Open Source Technology Center (OTC). He has been involved with Linux on Itanium architecture since 2004. His primary focus on the Linux kernel is system stability and performance. Nanhai Zou has contributed to Kexec/Kdump support for IA-64 Linux. Nanhai Zou is currently working on Intel Linux Graphics, focusing on 3D and Media accelerate technology.

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