How to enable Intel® AMT SOL by programming.

This blog post is a good complement to the second of Duofeng Li’s AMT Experience blog posts. In his blog, He mentioned what Intel® AMT SOL is and how to enable it by using the MEBx configuration menu. This post is about enabling it too, but by programming using WSMan and the good old, well-known EOI.

Let’s jump into code:

                if (bSupportWSMan)


WW05: Intel® AMT Developers: Manageability Forum Question

It was my week to watch the Manageability Forum and things were very quiet. I decided to mix things up a bit post a question to our developers. My question was simple: "Intel® AMT Developers: What are you doing?" We got some great responses and so I thought it would be good to recap them in a blog post so that we would not lose them as they got buried in our forum.

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