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A useful power-performance metric (Part IIa, the goal)


What is our ultimate goal? What do we want to do with our life? Is life important or just a meaningless exercise in futility? These are very important questions but generally irrelevant to this discussion.

So what is our ultimate goal here in this series of articles? We want to come up with a useful measure of power-performance for an application, such as Joules per instructions for a given app. But as we will see, finding this answer is much less clear cut than it first appears.

New topics and restarting the blog

Oh my gosh. Looking at a history of my previous blogs, I can't believe my last article was in September 2008. That can’t be true. I've written several since then. Hey wait. To quote the great down home philosopher, Homer Simpson, “D’oh!” Sure, I'd written several, but had I published them?

Life gets busy. That's a truism. If you're reading this, then you know it's true. If you aren't reading this, then you're probably even busier, say trying to keep your job or trying to find a new one so that you can keep your house.

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