European Computer Science Summit

Blurring the lines between science and engineering- identity crisis in Informatics?

The European Computer Science Summit’s last day panel discussion went more deeply in to the subject of the conference and raised old questions and controversies among Computer scientists. Wendy Hall advocated computer scientists not to think of themselves as a 'service science' building applications to enable other sciences’ work and encouraged the audience to think hard of what computer scientists offer in terms of thought process to the world.

Examples of Interdisciplinary Initiatives

While at ECSS 2009, I followed the track on Multi-disciplinary Curricula. The session opened with a presentation by Budapest University of Technology and Economics Professor describing a very interesting new R&D program (the Innovation and Knowledge Centre of Information Technology made up of 9 enterprises, 5 university departments,) whereby Industry and Academics were gathered in the same environment to work together on 14 different projects with each a dedicated partner.
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