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Parallel algorithm to solve Maximum Independent Set problem (Trouger, Zhejiang University)

The included source code finds a Maximum Independent Set (MIS) of a given graph, as described in the included problem description text file. The solution uses a modification to a max-clique algorithm found in a code library from University of Jilin, China. The algorithm uses a depth-first search component. This part of the algorithm is parallelized by assigning several recursive calls to the depth-first code on threads. The code is parallelized using Windows Threads.

Parallel algorithm to solve a Hamiltonian Path problem variation (Travelling Baseball Fan) (Alina N. Ciorogar )

The included source code implements a variation of the Hamiltonian Path problem, called the Travelling Baseball Fan Problem, as described in the included problem description text file. The code first determines if a Hamiltonian cycle exists in the input graph. If so, a search for a schedule is done with an iterative backtracking search. For parallelization, threads divide up the iterations of the schedule search. The parallelization was done with C# threads. The code was intended for Windows OS and includes Microsoft Visual Studio solution and project files to build the application.

Changes in programmer tools' infrastructure

The article describes some observations concerning changes in the infrastructure of tools used by programmers in everyday work. First of all, these changes are related to the release of Visual Studio 2010.
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