Direct3D* 12 - Console API Efficiency & Performance on PCs

An Overview of Direct3D* 12
By: Michael Coppock

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Microsoft Direct3D* 12 is an exciting leap forward in PC gaming technology, giving developers greater control of their games and adding greater CPU efficiency and scalability.


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  • Microsoft Windows* 8
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  • Microsoft Direct3D* 12
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  • Game Development
  • GPA 2.1 Feature Highlight: Configurable X and Y Axes in the Bar Chart

    In 2.1, GPA allows you to configure both the X and Y axis to any available metric within the bar chart. This allows you to visually see the relationship between multiple per-draw call metrics at the same time. For example, you can select vertex shader duration in the X-axis and pixel shader duration in the Y-axis.

    After configuring the bar chart this way, the wider the bar is - the more vertex shader heavy it is, the taller, the more pixel shader heavy it is.

    See the screenshots below for a view of this feature in action...




    D3DCREATE_FPU_PRESERVE Set the precision for Direct3D floating-point calculations to the precision used by the calling thread. If you do not specify this flag, Direct3D defaults to single-precision round-to-nearest mode for two reasons:

    - Double-precision mode will reduce Direct3D performance.

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