ACER Ultrabook Review

Not too long ago we heard about Ultrabook machines and X86 Windows 7 systems operating on solar cells indoors and now we have Ultrabooks popping up everywhere. Between the possible options I decided that I am going to keep my DELL Latitude laptop as a workstation for now but still get a new Ultrabook for a different reason.

My wife bought an Ultrabook – and LOVES it!

Right now we have 4 PC laptops in our house; 5 if you count the iPad 2 being a ‘personal computing’ device. There’s my work HP Pavilion dv6, my personal Alienware M11x, her former Dell XPS M1530, which just got replaced by the Asus Zen book UX 31. In my sixteen years of being in the tech industry, and thirteen being with my wife, I’ve never seen her get so excited, and delighted, about technology and or a PC. The only other time that gets this close would have been when I bought her an iPhone. Sure….

Перехожу на ультрабук

Этот пост будет относительно небольшим. Сейчас нахожусь в Каннах, где, кроме прочего, планирую узнать некоторые детали о будущих ультрабуках одного из крупнейших производителей мобильных компьютеров. Но об этом - если действительно узнаю. А пока позвольте объявить об одном эксперименте, который со вчерашнего дня начал ставить над самим собой. А именно – о переходе на ультрабук в качестве основного компьютера.

从New iPad发布看Win8平板和Ultrabook的机会

最近IT界有关平板电脑的讨论非常火热。iPad3发布国外销售异常火爆,但是在国内市场却遭遇冷淡。Win8 消费者预览版如期发布,媒体评价褒贬不一,但是OEM硬件厂商则非常期待。


下面本文分别从以下几个方面来分析New iPad影响下Win8平板和Ultrabook的机会。

1. 平板的使用场景


Заметки о конференции "Будущее зa Ultrabook"

Вчера побывал на необычном мероприятии. Точнее, шел-то я на обычное, чуть ли не протокольное заседание «про ультрабуки». Ведь в начале года была выставка Consumer Electronics Show, где об этой разновидности мобильных компьютеров говорили много и интересно. Недавно отгремел CeBIT, где тоже удалось раздобыть несколько крупиц полезных знаний о предмете. И вот теперь – закрытая конференция «Будущее зa Ultrabook». Наверное, людям, которые разъезжают по выставкам меньше моего, там будет интересно. Но мне-то?

Man meets Ultrabook

As a computer scientist, I’m out to comprehend lots of computing-related technologies, to a greater or lesser extent according to needs and interests.  As a professor, I would ideally like to have a pithy thumbnail overview of the most prominent technologies in my pocket, readily available to pull out in just about any context with a student, colleague, or acquaintance.

Hear what other developers are saying about the new Ultrabook™

By now you’ve probably heard about Ultrabook and this next evolution in personal computing. Like me, you are probably curious about all of the cool things you’ve been hearing; they’re really light and thin, fast, and have longer battery life than traditional laptops. Well here is your chance to hear what other developers are saying about them as they conduct an 8 week evaluation of Ultrabooks from Asus, Acer and Toshiba. It’s all here including comments, videos, and perceptions from 10 developers from the around the world.

Can I still get an Energy Efficient Free Lunch?

When the semiconductor industry was turning to multicore chips and lowering clock rates, Herb Sutter wrote a seminal article entitled "The Free Lunch is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software." Up to that point software developers relied on the increasing clock speeds (the "free lunch") to give their software a boost in the next generation of processors. Mr.

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