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How to Download and Evaluate the VTune™ Amplifier OS X* Viewer

The VTune Amplifier’s OS X* viewer is a handy tool for analyzing and viewing data that has been previously collected on a supported operating system with VTune Amplifier for Windows* or VTune Amplifier for Linux*.

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  • Making the Call Stack Pane Work for You

    VTune™ Amplifier XE Call Stack Pane

    The call stack pane is displayed in viewpoints of analysis types that include stack data. It is displayed on the right side of the viewpoint (highlighted below in a gold box).

    call stack pane highlighted in viewpoint

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  • Troubleshooting VTune(TM) Amplifier XE's Power Analysis

    We have recently learned about various problems users are experiencing when attempting to use the power analysis capability of the VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013.  For example, you may see one of the following messages:

    • Error: Power Analysis is not supported on this platform.
    • Unknown symbol "cpufreq_freq_attr_scaling_available_freqs" in /var/log after building and attempting to load the power driver module

    Below are some suggestions for troubleshooting problems with the power analysis feature.

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  • Power Efficiency

    There are 8 MEM_TRANS_RETIRED.LOAD_LATENCY_GT_* precise events available on Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Sandy Bridge.  The events allow you to pinpoint loads that exceeded a given latency, measured in CPU clock cycles.  For example, the MEM_TRANS_RETIRED.LOAD_LATENCY_GT_4 event is for loads exceeding 4 clocks in latency, and the MEM_TRANS_RETIRED.LOAD_LATENCY_GT_512 event is for loads longer than 512 clocks. 

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