重播: 数据中心优化网络研讨会

英特尔数据中心优化展台展示了: 使用英特尔软硬件开发优化型 SDN 和 NFV 环境

今天,Noah 和我共同主持了一场关于基于英特尔平台开发 SDN 和 NFV 解决方案的网络研讨会。  谢谢各与会者的出席。 

该网络研讨会探讨了当应用于基于虚拟平台的网络工作负载时,英特尔的调试、分析和构建工具可如何用于优化和调试面向英特尔架构的系统软件。  具体而言,我们将展示英特尔® System Studio 中的广泛工具,为网络领域的应用级开发人员提供帮助。   我们专注于

  • 系统与应用级调试工具
  • 能耗、性能和内存分析工具
  • 适用于各种构建环境的编译器、资源库和线程化解决方案


Registration for China DPDK Summit 2015 is Open

China DPDK Summit 2015 is open for registration.

DPDK Summit in China is announced to commence on April 21st in Beijing. These events bring our DPDK open source community together face to face for a forward looking dialogue.

This event will be run mostly in Mandarin as preferred by regional participants.

Check out more information on page.

Boosting Networking Performance for Virtualization using SR-IOV

The single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) standard allows an I/O device to be shared by multiple Virtual Machines (VMs), without losing runtime performance.  Virtualization architectures which include SR-IOV virtual functions (VFs) are highly portable and agnostic of underlying virtual machines.

DPDK Community Meetup

Silicon Valley DPDK Meetup

This is a group for engineers who enjoy developing applications for high network performance, it is all about plumbing... but for fat pipes!

This is a casual setting to collaborate, discuss, and learn more about DPDK.
Let's meetup and have fun with the Silicon Valley DPDK community, every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.

See you there!

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