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Intel® XDK allows developers to build Web and Hybrid apps using web technologies HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 for multiple platforms. Developers can write one app that can run cross-platform and on mobile devices with no modification. Intel® XDK supports all major target platforms - Microsoft Windows*, OS X* and Ubuntu* Linux*. The tool provides developers a complete workflow for developing, debugging, testing and deploying their apps on the target platform based devices.

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  • Comic Director - Next Level App Design with CSS3 Animations

    Like HTML5 and JavaScript, animation on the web has evolved and changed as the tools and programming languages modernize. Early web animating techniques were mostly done with the help of third party plugins such as Flash or with “heavy doses” of complicated JavaScript. CSS3 changes all that. Animations are now handled by the browser, creating a better, more fluid experience for the user.

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  • 移动Web应用程序开发 HTML5篇 (一) HTML5简介


    本系列博客将主要介绍如今大红大紫的移动Web应用程序开发最重要的三个工具:HTML5,JavaScript, CSS3。博文也分为三个大部分:

    1. 众望所归的HTML5将主要介绍HTML5的前世今生,主要功能和API以及相关Demo,Demo的代码都可以在文章附件中下载到;

    2. 高性能JavaScript将主要介绍如何让JavaScript更流畅,JavaScript debug和分析工具,可以说,没有JavaScript就不可能有互联网的今天,更不可能有移动互联网的明天,编写高性能的JavaScript至关重要;

    3. 变化万千的CSS3将主要介绍如今异常强大的CSS3,结合HTML5编写动态的Web应用。熟练使用异常Fashion & Cool & 炫的CSS3将使Web应用增色不少

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