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Creating a successful app: one size does not fit all

Apps that take off with users are profiled on a regular basis in various technology journals, websites, and blogs. We are curious to know why, exactly, this particular app “made it big”: was there something in particular that this app did that especially resonated with users? How about differentiation in social engagement, or user interactivity?

Needle in a Haystack: App Discovery

Think about the last time you downloaded an app. What was the process behind it? Were you influenced by a friend talking about it on a social media channel such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn? Did you see a commercial on the television, in your Web browsing, or even in a magazine or newsletter? According to the latest research by industry thought leaders, all of these methods are how people are primarily finding apps, especially search.

User Experience and Ultrabook™ App Development

One of the most popular emerging fields today in app development is user experience (UX); basically, the study of how a user actually “feels” when using a system, app, or software.  There are several factors that go into determining user experience, including ergonomics, system performance, utility, human emotions, design, and marketing. UX professionals study and evaluate how users feel about a system or an app by looking at a variety of different factors: ease of use, perception of the value of the system, utility, and how it performs certain tasks.

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