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Benefits of Intel® Enterprise class SSD

In this blog, I want share with you the benefits of the Intel® Enterprise Class Solid-State Drive (SSD).  I have compiled a list of articles, white papers, solution briefs, and blogs and provided links below.  After reading through the information, I found that it would be useful for you, as the developers wanting to use the Intel Enterprise Class SSD, to get the essential information quickly by grouping them into the questions below.  The questions are:  What is the Intel Enterprise Class SSD? What is the workload characterization in RAID configurations? Where are the SSDs being used?

The Benefits of Solid-State Storage Technologies in the Cloud


Solid-state drives (SSD) have rapidly evolved over the last few years, resulting in devices with more space and greater reliability. SSDs are used for caching in data centers and in larger system applications including computing massive data sets (big data: volume, variety, and velocity). This blog shares some features of Intel® SSD, illustrates the potential uses of SSDs in the cloud, and provides some general Linux guidelines to fully utilize Intel SSDs.

Some key features of Intel SSDs

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