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Perceptual Computing and Exergaming: It’s a Match

What is “exergaming”? According to Exergaming Australia, it’s a whole new way to combine fitness with technology:

“Exergaming is more than a combination of just “exercise” and “games,” since such a definition would include football. Instead, it is an activity that combines exercise with electronic game playing.  

The Software Manifesto: 9 Principles for Higher Level Coding

There’s an interesting link being passed around today titled “Manifesto for Minimalist Software Engineers”. It’s a list of nine basic principles to keep in mind when developing good software and it’s definitely worth a read whether or not you’re in the developing industry.  Ranging from “fight for Pareto” to “think different”, these simple, thoughtful guidelines are a higher level look at the nuts and bolts of everyday coding.  We’re going to look at just a few of these helpful thoughts here.

The 80/20 law

Ultimate Coder Challenge: Sixense Studios - Final Week

Is this really the final blog?  It’s chip reporting in once again, and I can’t believe how quickly these eight weeks have gone by.  It’s amazing to see how much the Ultimate Coders have been able to accomplish in such a short time.  And that is truly an appropriate name: “Ultimate Coders”.  I’m shocked, humbled, and inspired by the work these teams have been able to accomplish. We’re certainly proud of what our team has put together, and I hope you all are too. 

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