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A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to participate in an upcoming Intel® challenge, known at the time as Ultimate Coder 2. Having followed the original Ultimate Coder competition, I was highly chuffed to even be considered. I had to submit a proposal for an application that would work on a convertible Ultrabook and would make use of something called Perceptual Computing.

Going Perceptual – Meet the Ultimate Coder Judges

The theme of our latest Ultimate Coder Challenge is “Going Perceptual”. We introduced you to our brave challengers last week in Going Perceptual – Introducing Our Ultimate Coder Challengers, and this week, we’re going to introduce you to the judges who will take on the difficult task of deciding who will ultimately be the Ultimate Coder. 

Steve “Chippy” Paine

Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 6: Developers Can Rest, Now It's The Judges' Turn

This week, we received the final posts from our developer contestants, bringing six weeks of incredible, innovative app development to an end. Our judges’ work is really just getting started now, as apps are being submitted for the difficult work of judging and picking an Ultimate Coder Winner. Let’s take a look at what happened in this final week of the Challenge.


Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 4: Time to Impress the Judges

This was a pretty substantial week in the Ultimate Coder Challenge, as contestants showed that they are well past the drawing board and in full-on development mode, some teams even reaching feature freeze and beta stage. Judges are impressed with how far developers have come in so short a time, but they definitely are making their preferences known as far as what’s being shown each week with Ultrabook integration and presentation.


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