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英特尔硬件助力改进 Windows 8.1 体验的一些示例


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升级到 Windows 8.1 可进一步改进 Windows 8 用户体验。 许多变化都很细微,但也有一些能够展示出英特尔架构性能与功耗的重要变化。

操作系统中嵌入的无线显示功能(使用 Miracast 标准)

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  • Sample Application: Using SIMD Instructions in Windows* 8 Store Apps


    SIMD instruction sets can be used to boost performance in Windows* 8 Store applications. This document focuses on how to create a SIMD library that can be consumed by any Windows 8 Store application programmed in any supported language. This paper shows how to begin making a SIMD library programmed in C++/CX, and three similar applications that use libraries written in C++/CX and XAML, C# and XAML, as well as JavaScript* and HTML5. The SIMD library will aid in speeding up the applications.

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