cross-platform development

The increasing need for cross-platform development

Remember back in the good old days when developers only had to create applications for one, maybe two different platforms? In the last ten years, this has changed dramatically: the number of form factors – smartphones, tablets, phablets, PCs, etc. – has absolutely exploded corresponding with the number of operating environments, making the job of a developer markedly more difficult. That’s where the need for cross-platform development comes in.

The user is the target

Accelerated Development: Cross-Platform Opportunities at Intel

A recent article from Intel Software Adrenaline titled “Building on Intel’s Momentum” showcased the incredible growth of mobile devices along with the corresponding growth and opportunities for developers. One of the most intriguing statistics quoted in this article came from Gartner, Inc., predicating that more than 2 billion mobile phones and tablets will ship globally in 2013:

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