Intel® WiDi

Dual-Screen Social Cast Demo App Using Miracast* on Android*

Social Cast is an Android Miracast Dual Screen App Sample written by Intel’s IT Flex Software Engineering team. The code sample is available for download.

By combining a Miracast connection to a TV, social media APIs, and utilizing Android’s background task feature, the Social Cast demo app brings your favorite social media content to your TV.  The sample code demonstrates a simple technique for integrating these technologies.

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  • Why WiDi Miracast is a Game Changer for Android

    I'm an Android fan and love my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.  It has to be one of the best consumer products I own.  One reason I really like it is because of the open ecosystem and innovation that is available to Android that you don't see on other mobile platforms.  However my new Intel smartphone now has it beat and its because of WiDi

    An Interview with WiDi Evangelist Steve Barile

    WiDi is an Intel technology that allows you to share anything on your PC or mobile device wirelessly on your television, in high definition, surround sound, and low latency, supporting interaction with your favorite apps and digital platforms. With Intel WiDi you can wireless display anything from your compatible Windows or Android OS devices to your compatible HDTV or projector, or by using a receiver device connected to your existing HDTV or projector, free from the burden of wires.

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