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Best Practices for Developing Apps and Games for Intel® Android* Tablets


This article covers design considerations for tablet apps, including UI design, session length, accommodating user differences, and localization. Debugging and optimization practices are explored. It also covers the impact that different app deployment methods have on the capabilities available to your app. With the advice in this article, you will be poised to create an app that distinguishes itself for your customers who use Intel® Android* tablets.

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  • Common Best Known Methods for Parallel Performance, from Intel® Xeon® to Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors

    To improve the performance of applications and kernels we are constantly on the search for novel Best Known Methods or BKMs, but as our searches grow more esoteric, it is important to keep in mind the basics and how many performance improvements rely on them.  This article will describe some common BKMs for improving parallel performance and show their application over this spectrum of processor architectures.  The advice collected here should help you speed up your code, whether running on an Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor or an Intel Xeon process

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