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Intel® Cluster Ready Architecture Specification version 1.3.1 Summary

The Intel® Cluster Ready architecture specification version 1.3.1 has officially released as of July 2014.  This is a minor update from version 1.3 with most of the changes between the versions are related to the following:

  • removal of library or tool requirements based on analysis of Intel® Cluster Ready registered applications
  • updated/refreshed required versions of key libraries and tools

Details of the updates to the architecture requirements:

4.2 Base Software Requirements

  • Developers
  • Partners
  • Students
  • Linux*
  • Advanced
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Intel® Cluster Ready
  • Intel Cluster Ready
  • HPC
  • cluster administration
  • cluster tools
  • MPI
  • ofed
  • Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector 9.0 Beta Readme

    The Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector is a low-overhead scalable event-tracing library with graphical analysis that reduces the time it takes an application developer to enable maximum performance of cluster applications. This Beta package is for users who develop on and build for Intel® 64 architectures on Linux* and Windows*, as well as customers running on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor on Linux*. You must have a valid license to download, install and use this product.

  • Linux*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector
  • mpi-3
  • mpi analysis
  • profiling
  • cluster tools
  • Message Passing Interface
  • Cluster Computing
  • Subscribe to cluster tools