Luke Wroblewski

Radio controls, steppers, and drop-down menus: Simplicity in input

A recent video series from user experience thought leader Luke Wroblewski focused on the topics of making the best use of radio controls in applications. There are a wide number of input controls available to use in mobile applications, and touch interfaces are opening up a whole new world of controls that are suited perfectly to specific tasks.  Watch the video below:

Application input modes are crucial to accessibility

Think of how many times you’ve picked up your mobile device today to do something. If you’re anything like the “average”  user, you might be surprised at how often you actually do this. A recent study found that we check our mobile devices upwards of 100 times (or more) throughout the day:

Virtual Keyboards and 2 in 1’s

A recent video from UX thought leader Luke Wroblewski briefly touched on the topic of designing applications for 2 in 1’s accounting for the virtual keyboard. With 2in1s offering several different orientations and keyboard options in one form factor, it’s important to understand how to equip the user to get the most from all of them. Watch below:

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