How to run Intel® System Debugger (aka XDB) for target CHT-FFD

Using Intel® ITP-XDP3 with JTAG for UEFI debugging is a feature of the tool “Intel® System Debugger”. CHT-FFD, a reference Cherry Trail platform for developers, can be debugged by this way. This article introduces how to setup the environment for beginner and helps them learn the ropes quickly.
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  • Intel® System Studio 2014 – JTAG Debugger Supports More Processor Families


    Intel® System Studio JTAG debugger has so far only supported Intel® Atom CPUs. The next version, Intel® System Studio 2014, introduces JTAG debugging for systems based on processors with the new Silvermont and Haswell microarchitectures. This document describes the basic requirements for JTAG debugging and some of the features offered for these new processors.

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