How to increase floating user license number



Wanted to increase floating user license, called the China resellers found on the 'where to buy' web page,  the reseller said it has to buy a fresh new whole license,   NOT avaible to just buy the differenc and merge with current liencese into a new whole one.   It sounds like a little bit ridiculous that have to either keep 2 seperate licenses or discard current one and pay more for a new whole license.

My question is

   How to merge these 2 seperate licenses into one  or just pay the difference to get the whole new license?

Thanks for your time

Серия «Двухмерная анимация для Android*»: сравнение различных способов выполнения одной анимации

Часть 2. Просмотр анимации

В части 1 этой серии мы говорили о том, как создать различные виды анимации свойств. Во второй части мы используем анимации представлений для достижения этой же цели. Дополнительные сведения о настройке см. в первой части этой серии.

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  • Fatal error in MPI_Init: Other MPI error, error stack: MPIR_Init_thread(264): Initialization failed


    I am running Intel MPI for Intel mp_linpack benchmark (xhpl_em64t).


    1. I sourced the from /opt/intel/impi/bin64/

    2. I did "mpdboot -f hostfile"

    $ cat hostfile
    node 1
    node 2

    3. I did "mpirun -f hostfile -ppn 1 -np 2 ./xhpl_em64t"

    After step 3, errors occured. Below is the error message with I_MPI_DEBUG=50

    Passing assumed shape to Fortran from JAVA JNA


    My Fortran program contains the following:

    INTEGER :: N
    N = 2
    L(1:N) = (/0.0, 0.0/)

    I modified the program and it looks like this now

       SUBROUTINE inputs(L_array, arr_shape) BIND(C,name='inputs')
         IMPORT c_double,c_int,c_ptr
         type(c_ptr),value :: L_array
         integer(c_int), intent(in), dimension(2) :: arr_shape
       END SUBROUTINE inputs

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