H Editing

The H edit descriptor transfers data between the external record and the H edit descriptor itself. The H edit descriptor is a deleted feature in the Fortran Standard. Intel® Fortran fully supports features deleted in the Fortran Standard.

An H edit descriptor has the form of a Hollerith constant, as follows:

Variable Format Expressions

A variable format expression is a numeric expression enclosed in angle brackets (< >) that can be used in a FORMAT statement or in a character format specification.

The numeric expression can be any valid Fortran expression, including function calls and references to dummy arguments.

Printing of Formatted Records

On output, if a file was opened with CARRIAGECONTROL='FORTRAN' in effect or the file is being processed by the fortpr format utility, the first character of a record transmitted to a line printer or terminal is typically a character that is not printed, but used to control vertical spacing.

The following table lists the valid control characters for printing:

Interaction Between Format Specifications and I/O Lists

Format control begins with the execution of a formatted I/O statement. Each action of format control depends on information provided jointly by the next item in the I/O list (if one exists) and the next edit descriptor in the format specification.

Both the I/O list and the format specification are interpreted from left to right, unless repeat specifications or implied-DO lists appear.

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