Calling a function from a parallelized do concurrent loop

Trying to compile my program in the release mode with parallelization, I've encountered a problem with calling a function, defined in a module. Here is the sample program to reproduce the problem:

program test
use test_mod
implicit none

integer, parameter :: N = 10
integer :: i
real :: a(N)

do concurrent (i = 1:N)
	a(i) = func(real(i))
end do

print *, a

end program

and the module:

DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT attribute can not be assigned to an internal procedure


I am trying to expose some Fortran subroutines in a DLL.
I didn't write the Fortran code, and I'm having some difficulties creating the DLL.

The Fortran code is something like this (simplified):

! ===========================================================================
 ! Some declarations, initialisations etc
   subroutine Initialisation


mixed mpi/coarray programs - is -coarray-config-file required?

I've a mixed mpi/coarray program that I'm trying to port to intel.
I build it with mpiifort:

mpiifort --version
ifort (IFORT) 15.0.2 20150121

but I'm very confused about  -coarray-config-file option.
I can build the executable with or without this option,
but so far I haven't managed to run it, with or without this option.
My latest attempt is to specify -coarray-config-file at link time,
and submit the job to PBS queue with:

Double click selection of variable name is broken in VS

In November 2013 I posted this but the post is locked so I can not bump it:

If you double click a variable name in the source that is a component of a derived type, VS selects past the percent sign on the left but not that on the right!  It would be better I think if it stopped for both sides. It seams to have got changed in XE2013 update 5. In update 3 select stopped on both sides.

It is not yet fixed in XE 2015 update 3 and I presume not in later ones. I know it probably seams minor but it does affect users productivity. Is there an issue number ?

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