Teachers are Using Technology More than Ever

Digital technologies have become a critical part of a teachers’ teaching and professionalization, according to a survey of teachers who instruct American middle and secondary school students. The survey by Pew Internet and Life found that more teachers than ever are taking advantage of the Internet and new digital mediums to assist in their instruction. Findings include:

Fast ISPC Texture Compressor

This sample demonstrates a state of the art BC7 (DX11) Texture compressor. BC7 partitioning decisions are narrowed down in multiple stages.
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    Компиляция Cocos2D-HTML5 JSBinding для устройств Android с архитектурой X86

    Это техническое руководство по сборке Cocos2D-HTML5 JSBinding для устройств Android с архитектурой x86. Cocos2D-HTML5 — это платформа веб-игр с открытым исходным кодом, распространяемая по лицензии Массачусетского технологического института. Это версия проекта Cocos2d-x на HTML5. Цель разработки Cocos2d-html5 — обеспечить кроссплатформенную совместимость Cocos2d между браузерами и встроенными приложениями. Используя платформу Cocos2d-html5, можно разрабатывать игры на Javascript с помощью API, полностью совместимого с Cocos2d-iPhone.

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  • Perform Predictive Analytics and Interactive Queries on Big Data

    Recent innovations in data warehousing and business analytics dramatically increase the capability and potential value of today’s massive, diverse, and often fast-moving data flows. Companies now perform interactive queries and predictive analytics using all available data, including operational data and the huge amounts of poly-structured data available from logs, social networks, sensors, and many other sources. In this white paper, we define a practical, cost-effective infrastructure for supporting data-driven decision-making on an enterprise scale.

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  • [C++] cin空白與換行輸入處理


    有時候,我們在使用cin時 可能會遇到想要輸入的字串中,包含空白、換行、tab


    cin 不會將換行字元 空白 tab鍵 讀入 這些空白都是拿來作為字串結束



    所以假設今天創了一個陣列 要讀入一行有空白間隔的字

    char charry1[20]; 
    cin >> charry1; 
    cout << charry1 << endl; 

    input : hello C++

    會印出 hello



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