The Legends of San Guousha by Hangzhou Bianfeng Networking Tech Ltd

The rich history of ancient China has inspired generations of Chinese with tales of rulers, epic battles and heroes. With the Legends of San Guousha app on Ultrabook™ devices, players delve into the entertaining mythology and history of China, in what has been one of the most popular games in China for the PC.

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  • Enhancing User Experiences with Intel® Wireless Display

    With more than 40 million computing devices shipped to date that support Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi) technology,1,2 the industry is taking notice. Solution providers can easily add user experiences based on this technology to their product roadmaps, with great potential to generate customer excitement.

    Download complete Case Study below:

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  • - News update

    Hi everyone. First, for people in the US, happy long weekend! I just wanted to give an update on what is going on with Here is a lot of interest in the technology and so, I have been busy fixing and improving all sorts of things, most of the focus is on the server side and underlying peer-to-peer routing. But I got two fun things to report:

    “一次编写,随处运行” Intel HTML5技术研讨会

    HTML5 是一种开放标准。通过使用此标准,开发人员只需编写一次程序,即可在任何地方运行。 这一跨平台方法能够显著增加开发人员的总体潜在受众,同时在不同屏幕尺寸上为用户带来更一致的体验。因此,HTML5 是应用程序开发领域的未来趋势,英特尔认为需要帮助经验丰富的开发人员迁移到这一跨平台方法,并支持新的开发人员借助这一出色的全新方法快速跟上行业发展步伐,以确保这些开发人员能够在几乎所有现代计算平台上部署其应用程序和游戏.

    最近在上海举办的“一次编写,随处运行” Intel HTML5技术研讨会,给软件开发人员有机会:

    •  率先领略HTML5应用在英特尔平台上的全新体验; 
    • 了解英特尔平台上HTML5的软件开发工具;
    •  英特尔技术工程师就您关心的技术焦点等问题展开深入探讨。


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  • Intel Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 get GOLD release 2

    In these days our loved Perceptual SDK receive an update in the SDK incarnation, there's a lot of improvement and new implementation.

    The release is marked with the version number 8779, just from the change log we can note the news.

    First of all the Java app dev support and Projection in framework porting libraries support was added,

    Many of the samples (either C++ and C#) was rewritten or heavily modified.

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