Intel's OpenCL header file doesn't match Khronos's

I'm using the current stable Intel OpenCL SDK, which is 1.2 compliant, but I ran into a problem compiling my code because Intel's cl_ext.h header file is not identical to the Khronos' cl_ext.h header file (  Specifically, the macro definitions under cl_khr_spir are missing.  Please do not ship headers for a version of OpenCL that remove something from the Khronos' corresponding header (adding more is fine as long as there are no conflicts).  Thanks!

Problem with unsupported Graphics Driver version(?)


I am trying to install the new Intel SDK for Open CL Applications 2014 Beta on my machine, but I do not manage.

My machine is running windows 7 (32-bit), and has Intel Core i5-3320M CPU and Intel HD Graphics 4000 processors.
The Intel Graphics Driver currently installed on my machine has version, but I find in the documentation
that the new SDK requires version 15.33.8 and higher.

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  • EU and Sampler


    I am doing GPGPU computing for video codec applications. 

    The algorithm adopted may use bi-linear filter which can take advantage of image sampler in OpenCL

    However, I am not clear  however it works using underlying hardware,

    say if I use sampler, will it be possible that the sampler and EU execute at the same time?

    Can anyone elaborate EU and sampler's difference/relationship?


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