Introduzione a Intel Perceptual SDK

Intel Perceptual SDK è una piattaforma software/hardware per il gesture/voice/speech recognition. Per il software si ha a disposizione un insieme di librerie contenenti l’implementazione di algoritmi di rilevamento e riconoscimento esposti attraverso uno strato di astrazione (interfacce standard).

Per l’hardware, Perceptual SDK supporta l’utilizzo della Creative Camera.

L’utilizzo di Intel Perceptual SDK permette allo sviluppatore di semplificare lo sviluppo di applicazioni di nuova generazione basate sul paradigma NUI (Natural User Interface).

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  • IDC White Paper: Running Mission-Critical Workloads on Enterprise Linux x86 Servers

    This IDC white paper, sponsored by Intel,  examines the growth of mission-critical workloads being hosted on x86 servers based on the Intel Xeon E7 series of processors running enterprise Linux operating systems. It looks at the way in which x86 servers are taking on more demanding workloads, including databases and enterprise applications. It also discusses IDC Workloads data that shows the growth of mission-critical business processing workloads on enterprise Linux platforms.

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  • Intel® System Studio - System Requirements

    Intel System Studio System Requirements, introducing about the system requirements of Intel System Studio (ISS), including host hardware/software requirements and target hardware/software requirements.
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  • Code Examples from Xeon Phi Book

    The code used in examples (Chapters 2-4) in our book can be downloaded from the book's website. We appreciate attribution, but there are no restrictions on use of the code - please use and enjoy! You can use the step by step instructions in the book or if you prefer we've included a Makefile for each of the chapter examples to make life a little easier.

    TDC Floripa 2013: Palestra "Inovação na Experiência do Usuário: Apresentando o Intel Perceptual Computing SDK”

    O Community Manager de UItrabooks/Windows, Felipe Pedroso, apresentará a palestra “Inovação na Experiência do Usuário: Apresentando o Intel Perceptual Computing SDK” no TDC Floripa, no dia 26/5/2013, às 11:10. 

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    TDC Floripa 2013: Palestra "Desenvolvendo Apps Multiplataforma para dispositivos móveis com HTML5"

    O Community Manager de HTML 5 e vPro da Intel, Jomar Silva, apresentará a palestra “Desenvolvendo Apps Multiplataforma para dispositivos móveis com HTML5” no TDC Floripa, no dia 24/05/2013, às 14:10. 

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