Offloading and TBB

I'm trying to offload with TBB and I'm having trouble building on windows. Looking at tbb\examples\parallel_reduce\primes, it appears that this example was written to demonstrate offloading to the MIC but the makefile and the visual studio project do not have the required __TBB_MIC_OFFLOAD defined. When I add this (and also /Qtbb), I get a ton of warnings during compilation, followed by a compiler error:

Dynamic parallelism in OpenCL drivers

We are evaluating GPU solutions to accelerate our algorithms, which have unavoidable sequential parts at the core.
Because of data dependencies we would need to send up-to 300000 commands per second to the GPU which introduce considerable slowdown.

It seems NVIDIA exposes "dynamic parallelism" through CUDA which would seems helpful to lessen this command submission stress. OpenCL 2.0 will offer something similar under the name "device enqueing" which will allow to launch child kernels and such.

configuration of external bridge network

Hi, all.

I'm trying to configure external bridge network using examples from MPSS_Users_Guide.

I want to access host CPU and MIC from other PCs at the same subnet network.

Then, I wrote ifcfg-br0 file as follows


and executed following commands

Phi Overclocking


we are designing the liquid cooling for Phi Coprocessor and I am thinking of overclocking of it. Normally it has 50 Celsium at maximum. Is there any way to increase it's speed to see the effect and make some survey for speeds and temperatures..



Xeon Phi 3120A Fan Noise


I've got a 3120A in a workstation chassis and it runs on Windows fine. However when idling at temps of at 52-55C and drawing ~100W power, the fan seems to continually switch on for a few seconds then off again for a few seconds. The case has plenty of fans and sits under the desk in an air conditioned office @ 72F.

As the blower fan is quite whiney it's pretty annoying how it cycles in/out under no load but i can't find a way of tuning up the thresholds for active cooling as you can on GPUs. Or would disabling it (micctrl --shutdown) when not in use help?

Editor’s App Picks February 2014: The Best of SYAP

Here at the Intel Developer Zone, we’ve launched an exciting platform called the "Share Your App Project”, a great way for interested developers to share what they’re working on with the greater developer community. Every month, we plan to recognize a few apps for innovation, creativity, and intuitive and interesting use of technology.

Announcing the Intel Developer Program for IoT

I just came from the Intel press conference at Mobile World Congress where Renee James announced the new Intel Developer Program for Internet of Things (IoT) and I’m already hearing we have 75 developers lined up to get their hands on the devkits at our first IoT Hackathon happening just down the street.

How to use scatter/gather operations on MIC


I want to use scatter/ gather operation on MIC. I could not find any example which shows the usage of these operations. I wrote one sample program which scatter an array. if comment "mm512_i32scatter_ps"  operation, program is executing with out any problem. if i use "mm512_i32scatter_ps" operation, I am getting error "offload error: process on the device 0 was terminated by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)". Please some help me out.




Introducing the new Intel Student Partners - Kenya!

We’re very pleased to announce this year’s cohort of Intel Student Partners! This is an extremely talented group of university students picked from 5 universities across Kenya, who will be running Intel activities on their campuses over the course of the year. This program is designed to enable students at leading universities across the country to have the opportunity to work closely with Intel and understand our latest technologies. The program is for students who realize the best technology careers come to those who chase their dreams.

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