Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor Power Management Turbo Part 1: What is turbo? And how will it affect my horsepower?


This is the first of a series of blogs looking at Turbo: What it is and how it impacts software.

This series discusses basic concepts, terminology, how Turbo relates to thermal profiles, when Turbo is useful, and whether Turbo can impact application design.

This is a follow on to my previous series of blogs on power management.

Coding for Performance: Data alignment and structures

This article collects the general knowledge and Best-Known-Methods (BKMs) for aligning of data within structures in order to achieve optimal performance. 

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  • The 'simple' type of overlay does not work?

    I have a software that want to install to mic node, since there are a lot of files need to be installed, I'd like to use the 'simple' type of 'overlay' to avoid the generating the .filelist configuration file.
    But when I configured following overlay entry in the /etc/sysconfig/mic/mic0.conf, the generated mic0.image only has very small size and mic node cannot be booted from this ramdisk.
        Overlay simple /opt/intel/mic/mnt/opt/intel/mic/filesystem/overlay/test/ / on
    Did I use the incorrect format for overlay configuration?

    Webinar -"Intel® System Studio 2013: Embedded application development and debugging tools"


    The Intel® System Studio is a flexible complete software development studio which allows you to optimize Intel® Architecture based intelligent embedded systems and devices. It combines Eclipse* CDT integrated optimizing compiler solutions and signal and media processing libraries, whole platform power and performance tuning capabilities, in-depth memory and thread checking, instruction trace and data race detection enabled application debug, and the deep insight of a  JTAG based system software debug solution.

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  • Power Measurement of Xeon Phi

    I wonder if there is any method to measure power of Xeon Phi coprocessor. if so, how to? I checked a guide document (Xeon Phi Coprocessor System Software Developer Guide), but it was hard for me to find the answer. It does not seem to have a register to count power like Xeon processor. If anybody know the answer or even can approach to the answer, It would be very appreciating. 

    TSC, DVFS and standard sleeping function calls


    We are developing a runtime system using DVFS, the TSC counter, and regular sleeping functions (usleep/nanosleep/select). We have experienced several issues with these and let me explain how we proceeded.

    The TSC counter / DVFS issue:

    According to the Intel Developer Guides, there are two behaviors of the TSC counter:

    Efficient branching on double vector comparison using intrinsics?


    I want to check the range of a vector of double-precision variables, in order to branch to a slow path on exceptional out-of-range cases. My code looks like the following:

        // if(any(!(x < 4.) || (x < 2))) { ... }
        __mmask8 toobig = _mm512_cmpnlt_pd_mask(x, _mm512_set1_pd(4.));
        __mmask8 toosmall = _mm512_cmplt_pd_mask(x, _mm512_set1_pd(2.));
        if(!_mm512_kortestz(toobig, toosmall)) {
            // do something with out-of-range numbers (slow path)
        // do something with in-range numbers (fast path)

    Nubb Questions

    I am eager to install and start coding intel fortran under windows on my new xeon phi card.

    Givens:  I have an Asus P9X79 WS motherboard with up to date bios running a E5-2687W.

                I am running windows 7 professional.

                I have visual studio 2012 professional.

                I have the Intel composer 2013 sp1.

    All the above is supposed to be compatible with the xeon phi.

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