Linux support for GPU on intel Core Processor

Hi All,

I am taking investigation on intel OpenCL developing under linux.

I found the release note (Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2014) did not listed GPU of Core Processor as the target platform under linux or android.

So is that mean there is no chance to run opencl application on GPU of Core Processor under any distribution of linux, even with SDK on Ubuntu?

Thanks a lot!

A new comer of OpenCL computing


Mission Possible: Making Math Fun Through Games – An Education Hackathon


The Intel® Code for Good Math Game Event was a rather ambitious undertaking for two reasons. First, the topic of math and figuring out a strategy to make it fun and educational is a tough mission in and of itself. Secondly, the hackathon was a coordinated event involving interns and volunteers at three different Intel® sites over the weekend of July 19 and 20, 2014.

kernel crashes with access violation on windows 7


Below is a kernel that crashes with an access violation on windows 7 with latest intel opencl sdk,

targeting a nehalem quad core CPU.

Actually, the kernel as written will not crash, but if you uncomment the image write line, then it will.

Also, if you uncomment the image write and comment the image read, then it is fine.

I am using a 2048x2048 image to run this on.  

You may also download the complete visual studio project at:



vload4 vs 4 individual memory accesses : bank conflicts

What is the advantage of vload4 over 4 single memory accesses?

Suppose I am loading memory from local memory. Below are two kernels. The second kernel should exhibit no bank conflict.

Does the first have bank conflicts? Because, if one vload is executed per clock, then there should be conflicts in a half wave.


void kernel1() {

     int start = get_global_id(0)*4;

     int4 test = vload4(start,localBuffer);




void kernel2() {

     int4 test;

     int start = get_global_id(0)*4;

No Mic cards found

So I recently did a clean install of RHEL 6.5 and am trying to install MPSS 3.3 on my MIC card, but am running into some issues.

I've been following the readme.txt in mpss-3.3/docs/, so in step one, "sudo rpm -qa | grep -e intel-mic -e mpss" gave no results. I disabled SElinux in step 2b, installed the rpms in step 3, and step 4 is where I run into problems.

[root@cpcs mjswartz]# sudo modprobe mic
FATAL: Module mic not found.

Also, I get the following

大数据: 请认真对待


IT 部门需要制定明确的政策并了解大数据计划的成本,尽量避免盲目的试验,并使数据中心产生混乱。

随着大数据的呼声日趋高涨,企业所寄予的希望也不断增加。 管理部门期望 IT 和数据中心使用大数据来提高工作效率、支持更有效的规划,以及提供更好的服务。  此外,他们还期望获得更高的利润和新的收入来源。

这些都是考虑采用全面大数据计划的充分理由。 但是,与所有主要的数据中心计划一样,实际部署之前的准备工作将决定该计划能否获得成功。 在运营和营销团队尚未深陷大数据潮流时,IT 应坚持一套有效的流程,最大程度地降低现有数据中心运营和基础设施的风险。

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