Program cannot build when setting device to "1"


I have a laptop with both intel haswell chip and intel HD 4400 GPU

I have VS 2012 and the 2014 beta opencl sdk installed.

I have taken the median filter sample and modified it to run my own kernel.

Using the default device "0" (CPU), everything works fine. 

But, if I set device to "1", then I get an error when trying to build the opencl kernel.

i.e. when calling clBuildProgram












Performance BKMs: Introduction and Super-secret Intel Tools

At SC13 (Super Computing 2013)*, someone commented that Intel seems to have some super-secret set of tricks in its pocket, allowing us to optimize “far beyond those of mortal man”+. We don’t really have any super-secret tricks. Even if we did, we wouldn’t use them. We want mortal man (you) to be able to reproduce whatever we do. It is also in our business interest to insure that you can optimize on Intel hardware to the fullest extent possible.

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