undefined symbol in running not in linking of executable linked with a static library (offload model)


I am trying to run an offload application on Xeon Phi, and I get the following error.

"On the sink, dlopen() returned NULL. The result of dlerror() is "/var/volatile/tmp/coi_procs/1/205497/load_lib/iccouthqsEw3: undefined symbol: DISTMEM_rank"
On the remote process, dlopen() failed. The error message sent back from the sink is /var/volatile/tmp/coi_procs/1/205497/load_lib/iccouthqsEw3: undefined symbol: DISTMEM_rank
offload error: cannot load library to the device 0 (error code 20)"

Простая методика оптимизации с использованием Intel System Studio (VTune, компилятор C++, Cilk Plus)


В этой статье мы описываем простую методику оптимизации с использованием Intel® Cilk™ Plus и компилятора Intel® C++ на основе результатов анализа производительности, проведенного с помощью Intel® VTune Amplifier. Intel® System Studio 2015 содержит упомянутые компоненты, использованные для этой статьи.

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  • HHVM and Haswell

    There is no question that PHP is the most popular language in use today to implement server code on web pages. Something like 80% of web sites are implemented using it. The extremely popular site Facebook has implemented their own PHP interpreter called HHVM, and they are doing code development on it as an open source project. Because of its performance and its open source methodology, it is also being adopted by sites other than Facebook.

    Naming shared libraries


    I am trying to adjust a large project for working on Xeon Phi with the offload model and I have a few questions.

    1. My programs should be linked with some of many static libraries of hundreds of lines. I tried to built these libraries with the -offload-attribute-target=mic option to annotate my functions and variables for mic offloading, and then link them with xiar crs -qoffload-build option. Is it a reasonable approach or am I missing something?

    Smart Baby Monitor with Intel® Edison and Ubidots

    Intel Edison is small enough for wearables. It gives lot of flexibility to developers through the languages and programming environment it offers and it has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that makes it ideal for a wearable. Now a days there are many wearables in market for different purposes, so why not we make one for babies. With increase in nuclear families there is no one to guide the new parents about their new born baby. They are always worried about their baby regarding his health, temperature, environment etc. Babies need to be monitored 24*7 which is not always possible as in some families both the parents are working, sometimes they have to do lots of household chores and other issue is sleep also hence in these cases parents need a Smart Baby Monitoring System that can help them to keep track on baby’s health and alert them if any irregular activity happens.

    Cordova Whitelisting with Intel® XDK for AJAX and Launching External Apps

    Starting with Apache Cordova CLI 5.1, the security model that uses Domain whitelisting to restrict the access to other domains from the app has changed. By default, the Cordova apps are configured to allow access to any site, but it is recommended that before you move your app to production you should provide a whitelist of the domains that you want your app to have access to.
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  • 英特尔® XDK 九月更新:你好,Cordova* 5!

    我们采取了多重措施和步骤以使此次发布的版本完整支持 Cordova 5。真机调试是确保 Cordova 插件在应用中充分发挥功能的关键 — — 这并非易事,因为应用须首先与插件一起打包。但我们早已料到这一点。在7月,我们开始了英特尔® XDK 先行版(技术预览版)计划,发布了新的方式来管理插件、调试和分析含有插件的应用。这些仍然基于 Cordova 3 和 4,不过,该版本使得开发人员能够尽可能更快地将所需 Cordova 插件提取到他们的项目目录中。然后,英特尔 XDK 可以为应用生成一个含有选定插件的可调式版本,以使您能够将其安装在 Android 设备上进行测试/调试!显然,这是英特尔 XDK 插件处理方式的一项重大变化,因此我们首先将其作为英特尔 XDK 先行版计划的更新发布。

    PHP - the right tool for the job?

    Today there is a profusion of computer languages targeted at different activities. It's important to choose the right one. A lot of programmers love Python because it's so fast to implement stuff, but it can be a pain to use to create a simple website. PHP is the most popular choice for implementing active content in a website. And it's rather obvious once you dig into it. As you create your web page in HTML, PHP code is very easy to stick into the HTML, such that when the page is rendered, the code is run.
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