5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing to Appeal to a Global Audience

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Thanks to technology, your potential audience is now global. If your software is available in international markets, here are five ways you can optimize your marketing plan so that you don’t miss out on growing your gloabl user base:

1 – Select and segment your audience

Remote Debugging Windows 8 Apps to Intel Tablets from Ultrabook or Laptop Host

One of the first things I wanted to see when I got my new Intel Tablet was to test some of the apps I develop for my Ultrabook.  Initially I packaged the app, saved to a USB drive then, inserted that into my Tablet and installed.  However as I made minor tweeks and changes that solution was too cumbersome. If you are like me and do a lot of trial and error tweaking, a new build for eacg test is not a sustainable option.

Android*: Написание многопоточных приложений с помощью Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Совсем недавно мы рассматривали написание многопоточных приложений для магазина Windows с помощью Intel® Threading Building Blocks(Intel® TBB). Там утверждается, что использование кроссплатформенной библиотеки TBB позволяет легко переносить вычислительную часть на другие платформы.

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