Multi-processor architecture and programming (IIT, Kanpur)

After going thorough all the modules of the course, the learner should be able to

  1. Identify the need for multi-core architecture for specific applications by developing a suitable complexity measure.
  2. Identify needs for homogeneous or heterogeneous multi-core architectures for a given application
  3. Develop methods to partition a given application program to run on a multi-core processor
  4. Use the Intel multi-core architecture for develop high performance code
  5. Optimize code using appropriate techniques.

Module descriptions

移动Web应用程序开发 高性能JavaScript篇 (五) 算法和UI响应


本系列博客将主要介绍如今大红大紫的移动Web应用程序开发最重要的三个工具:HTML5,JavaScript, CSS3。博文也分为三个大部分:

1. 众望所归的HTML5将主要介绍HTML5的前世今生,主要功能和API以及相关Demo,Demo的代码都可以在文章附件中下载到;

2. 高性能JavaScript将主要介绍如何让JavaScript更流畅,JavaScript debug和分析工具,可以说,没有JavaScript就不可能有互联网的今天,更不可能有移动互联网的明天,编写高性能的JavaScript至关重要;

3. 变化万千的CSS3将主要介绍如今异常强大的CSS3,结合HTML5编写动态的Web应用。熟练使用异常Fashion & Cool & 炫的CSS3将使Web应用增色不少。

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