HTML5: discovering the difference in size

We all heard about responsive web design. The idea behind it is simple: The layout of your page adapts to the screen size. That is, on a large screen you might want to show your content with a navigation bar to the left and some advertisement to the right. When the screen and or browser window is smaller, maybe you just show the content and move the navigation bar to the top. Something like that.

Geolocation API


Geolocation API


¦HEML5 Geolocation API 返回坐标的格式为十进制。确定用户地理位置信息的方式有三种:



Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13

Contra Costa College - Intel - Code for Good Virtual Hackathon 2013

We are approaching another wonderful hackathon in 3 weeks. This one is named the "Virtual Hackathon". It is virtual in the sense that we will not all be in 1 building, but in separate houses working on different things. We will communicate to the other houses through the interwebs when necessary. Some of us members [including me] will be offering our houses for 3 days, from May 24 to May 26.

Code Examples from Xeon Phi Book

The code used in examples (Chapters 2-4) in our book can be downloaded from the book's website. We appreciate attribution, but there are no restrictions on use of the code - please use and enjoy! You can use the step by step instructions in the book or if you prefer we've included a Makefile for each of the chapter examples to make life a little easier.

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