Inspiring Women to Join the Maker Community Through Hackathon Participation

On October 14th, I had the great honor of leading my first workshop at Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC 2015) titled “Inspiring Women to Join the Maker Community Through Hackathon Participation”, a topic that I am very passionate about.

Go + Julia + Fourier = Open Source Frequon Invaders

I've open-sourced a re-implementation of my video game Frequon Invaders. The new implementation uses Go, Julia, and SDL2. This blog is about my experience using Go (and some Julia) for this project. Frequon Invaders is a small program, on the order of 3,000 lines, so my remarks are in the context of a small program. I have not worked on a large project with Go to test it's claims of more scalable development. Except for an interrupt handler for sound, the project did not exercise Go's elegant support for concurrency.

Trying to install OpenCl Driver open mac

Hi all, 

I am trying to install the OpenCL driver on my macbook pro, which has an Intel HD 4000 GPU. I searched around for a while, and finally found the Intel INDE development package, which I downloaded and tried to install, but got this error:

Error while executing the startup script. Make sure that you have write permissions to /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses folder.

However, I checked and this folder does not exist. 

Two questions: How do I resolve this error? and is there a simpler way to just get the OpenCL driver?


Manageability Commander - Improvements & Interceptor

Last week, we released the latest version of Manageability Commander Web Edition with many new improvements. Intel AMT is taking steps to fully support the web and this starts with a entirely web based Intel AMT console. The latest version of Manageability Commander is entirely built in Javascript. The new Manageability Commander Web Edition has plenty of new improvements, and here are just a few:

My 7 Year Old Daughter Refers to Me as "Mom the Scientist" and I Absolutely Love It

Toward the end of last year, I applied for a position as an Internet of Things (IoT) Community Evangelist at Intel Corporation. During the interview process, I was given an Intel® Galileo board along with its starter kit, and was asked to create a demo over the weekend. I’m always excited to play with new “toys”, but that feeling was totally amplified once Katherine got involved as well.

pyopencl.RuntimeError : device not available

Hi All,

We have a DELL server PowerEdge M600 with Intel Xeon processor E5450 @ 3.00 GHz running RedHat RHEL6 [2.6.32-573.7.1.el6.x86_64] on 64bit platform.

ruby and redhat-lsb-core have been installed.

Has downloaded ocl-icd-2.2.7.tar.gz, untarred and built successfully.

opencl_runtime_15.1_x64_5.0.0.57.tgz has been installed successfully too.

when running a simple python script:

import pyopencl


will always get this error message:

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 1 Readme

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 1 for Linux*, Windows*, and OS X*

Deliver top application performance and reliability with the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 1. This software development suite combines Intel's C/C++ compiler and Fortran compiler; performance and parallel libraries; error checking, code robustness, and performance profiling tools into a single suite offering.

Key Features

  • Developers
  • Partners
  • Professors
  • Students
  • Apple OS X*
  • Linux*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Microsoft Windows* 10
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition
  • Subscribe to Students