How to control microphone (mute) input volume (input gain)

I'm using Intel INDE for video streaming purposes (Android).

The main problem is how to mute/unmute the devices microphone in Android.

The only way I found is to not set the AudioFormatAndroid of Intel INDE API deleting these lines:

audioFormat = new AudioFormatAndroid("audio/mp4a-latm", 44100, 1);

The problem is that I need to do it during the streaming, not before.

Therefore I tried to manage microphone input settings like:

使用英特尔® 内联函数在安卓*平台上优化功耗比的代码示例



电池续航时间,尤其是移动设备,对于用户的重要性不言而喻。我们都遇到过这样的时刻,即在最需要的时候设备突然断电 — 无论是在一座新城市中导航,还是正在接听一个重要的电话。虽然看上去不是那么明显,但是通过优化应用性能,开发人员能够降低系统功耗,进而为用户带来帮助。

借助英特尔® 图形性能分析器  + VTune™ 放大器的组合对应用进行分析

提高应用的功耗比首先要做什么?首先,您必须了解您的应用是 CPU 密集型还是 GPU 密集型。您可以使用一套英特尔® 工具组合来实现这一点:

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  • Образец кода: приложение для генерации случайных чисел

    A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a utility or device of some type that produces a sequence of numbers on an interval such that values appear unpredictable. An RNG is an indispensable component of information security applications. In fact, a cryptographic protocol may have considerable robustness but suffer from widespread attack due to weak key generation methods underlying it. The hardware-assisted RNG can be used to fix this weakness, thus significantly increasing cryptographic robustness. This paper provides an overview of random number APIs and also shows how to use different APIs to generate random numbers on the Android* OS.
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  • Developing / Debugging Android apps on the Dell Venue 8-7000

    I just got my hands on a the Venue 8-7000 and I was a little surprised to discover there weren't any development drivers available for Windows 8.x.

    After some digging/experimenting I managed to get it working.  It required getting the hardware IDs via the device manager and manually adding the fields to the Google USB Drivers.

    Full write-up is on my blog here: 

    Funcom Collaboration to Maximize Intel® Iris™ Graphics Benefit

    Intel announced today that it has been working with Funcom to enhance the visual effects in its Windows* and Android* versions of LEGO* Minifigures Online, a fun-packed online game. The companies used the unique pixel synchronization capabilities of Intel® Iris™ graphics to enable more realistic smoke, clouds, and shadows. The game can also run in a low power mode extending play time by more than 80% when running on Intel devices.

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