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Intel Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 get GOLD release 2

In these days our loved Perceptual SDK receive an update in the SDK incarnation, there's a lot of improvement and new implementation.

The release is marked with the version number 8779, just from the change log we can note the news.

First of all the Java app dev support and Projection in framework porting libraries support was added,

Many of the samples (either C++ and C#) was rewritten or heavily modified.

Agregar Usos para Pantalla Táctil a las Aplicaciones de Escritorio Ultrabook™ que funcionan con Windows* 8

La pantalla táctil se ha convertido en la principal forma de manejar artefactos de mano. En la vida cotidiana hay muchas circunstancias en las que resulta útil. Mientras conduces un auto, un sistema táctil de navegación por GPS te permite acceder rápidamente a la información necesaria.

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  • Quickwin request: support for shift-tab key

    As a Quickwin developer I often create child windows that contain multiple regions, say a text region or graphics region as part of a gui, and I need to support keystroke navigation by the user. It is simple enough to support the <tab> key to go from one region to another, just as in a Windows dialog. But in a Windows dialog you can also use <Shift-Tab> to go backwards. In Quickwin there is apparently no way to trap this keystroke, and thus the only way to access some regions is the lengthy (irritating) process of "going round the world."

    Code Design using Fortran OOP features!

    Hello All,

    I have a question about designing a simple code using Fortran OOP features. Lets say I want a  Class "A" which has method "A1", however, I may have 3 different mplementations of A1. My question is how should I make class A to be able to run all three implementations but I want to choose among them at the compile them and not the run time (Due to code efficiency concerns). 

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