Microsoft Windows* 8.x

Slow compiles with 2013 compiler

For my project, I’ve noticed very long compile times for the 2013 version of the compiler (compared to the 2011 version).  Files that used to take seconds are now taking minutes to compile.  Has anyone else noticed this?  It is consistent for updates 0,1,2 (and also on Linux).  I’ve got a fairly complicated project (a few hundred modules, split into several libraries and one main program), and am using a lot of the newer object oriented stuff.  I notice that the low level files (old style f77 code, the library modules, etc.) compile as fast as before.

High CPU usage when open a IVF solution with MSVS 2010

I am using MSVS 2010 + Cluster Studio 13 (updated last week). When I open my solution (some c projects and some fortran projects), the CPU usage went up and never came down. The trouble maker could be the parser.

I have a project contains 200+ .f90 files and 100+ _inc.f90 (header) files. The parser went smothly when the project first load. It said that "Parse file xxxxx.f90". But later it slowed down with increase of CPU usage.

Then in the end the CPU usage stayed around 13% without doing anything. (see attachment)

Can't find local help files

I am using VS 2010 and IVF 2013. I chose to use local help. The only help I have installed is for VTUNE Amplifier. When I try to install content from online I don't see anything for Fortran. I see a lot of other languages including C++, C#, F#, etc., but not Fortran. Where can I find the content online to install locally?

Copying a worksheet between EXCEL workbooks

I generate data files which I want to import into Excel worksheets and display as 3-D surface plots.
I am using an EXCEL module generated using the INTEL module wizard.
Using the AUTODICE sample code as a guide. I can successfully use the WorkBooks_OpenText routine
to load data from a text file into a worksheet and I can select cells and create a 3-Dsurface chart from them on the same worksheet.

Introduction to the Intel MKL Extended Eigensolver

Intel® MKL 11.0 Update 2 introduced a new component called Extended Eigensolver routines. These routines solve standard and generalized Eigenvalue problems for symmetric/Hermitian and symmetric/Hermitian positive definite sparse matrices. Specifically, these routines computes all the Eigenvalues and the corresponding Eigenvectors within a given search interval [λmin, λmax]:

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  • Composer XE Visual Studio Integration

    We are looking at purchasing 10 copies of Intel Composer XE 2013 for our development team. However, I'm confused about the IDE provided. Is it true that the FORTRAN compiler can integrate into the VS2012 shell, or the provided VS2010 shell, but the C++ compiler cannot? Do you have to purchase an upgraded version of Visual Studio to use the compiler in an interactive environment?

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