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Calling C from Fortran

I am trying to call a C function from Fortran.  However the first argument is coming with a bad pointer- it appears to be using the value of sBIPPath as the address, so I obviously have a pointer issue.  What is wrong with my syntax?

Here is the function in the C routine:

Environment not set correctly for non-Intel(R) Composer XE products in compiler command prompts

Reference Number: DPD200519258 

Version: 2015 (Compiler 15.0)

Product: Intel® Composer XE (affects Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE, Intel® Inspector XE, and Intel® Advisor XE)

Operating System: Windows*

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  • Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update2 is very slower


    I updated the Intel Fortran Compiler to SP1 update 2 (SP1.2.176) recently. I tried to compile my code using this new update. Compared with the previous compiler (XE 2013 Update 5  - 2013.5.198), it was found that the new update took about two time longer to compile the same code and generated the executable which is also about two times larger than the executable generated by using the previous version. The executable also runs slightly slower than before. Any idea or any settings I should change to use the new compiler?


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  • Numerical differences between v11.1 and v13.0


    We're just trying to upgrade our Intel Composer installation from 2011 to 2013, but we are finding that although most results are unchanged, a few change a bit, and some quite a lot.

    I've read through the release notes, and what I understood would not explain these differences (we have no multi-threading or classes - polymorphic or otherwise).


    Are there any difference between the Intel Fortran compiler v13.0 and its immediate predecessor v11.0 in the following areas:

    Multiline support in the result of a Preprocess Definition

    I have a program that has the following fixed formatted code appearing in most of the subroutines.

         + ['ABS','EXP','LOG','L10','NEG','SQRT'] 

    Since this keyword list is likely to grow over time, I would like to use a macro at the beginning of the source file to have the keyword list be located in one spot and be replicated in the code (this is a shorten version).

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