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Infinite loop

I have an executable that goes into an infinite loop before it executes the first line of code. I put a number of write statements at the start to see if they were hit. But It doesn't generate any output.  The code has /Qopenmp and will have several threads eventually if that matters, and has calls to several DLLs eventually too.  The same code built on another machine works fine.  Any idea what it could be executing?

BEWARE of internal compiler errors (ICE): Intel Compiler XE 2013

Based on past forum topics, I suppose unexpected internal compiler errors (ICE) has been a problem with any upgrade with past versions of Intel compilers, but this was a first for me. I recently upgraded to Fortran Compiler XE 2013 from XE 2011 and code that has worked without errors for nearly 15 years in Compaq Visual Fortran as well as Intel Fortran 9 and XE 2011 started giving an internal compiler error (ICE C00005).

Buggy Geolocator drivers: How to calculate Heading when your driver doesn't

I've been evaluating the location sensors in a number of Windows 8 tablet and ultrabook systems recently, and as you might expect I have come across the occasional buggy driver. Sometimes the bugs are severe enough that the location sensor doesn't function reliably or even function at all, but I have seen cases where the sensor returns partial data in the Geocoordinate class. To pick a recent example, the other day I was testing a tablet that embeds a GNSS: a Global Navigation Satellite System receiver, which is capable of using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, or Beidou navigation systems.

Can't find libraries

I've migrated to a new computer (64 bit).  I'm trying to build my projects using IVF11.1.072  I installed VS20008  and SP1 for VS2008. including the x64 compiler tools and run-times  When I try to build executables in VS for Intel-64 it works fine.  Building Win32 executables it can't find LIBCMT.LIB.  I see that it isn't in the 9.0/VC/lib directory, although libcmtd.lib is there. 

If I try to build in the IVF CMD environment for Intel-64 it fails when it can't find KERNEL32.LIB. 

Any idea why I'm missing these files?



Pure procedure inout argument gives error on assignment when using associate construct

This is an extract of the code:

 pure subroutine calculateAdvancedContactStressContact(aContactPair)
   type(ContactPairType), intent(inout) :: aContactPair
   integer j
   real(8) deltaVec(3)
   deltaVec(1) = 1.0D0
   deltaVec(2:3) = 0.0D0
   associate(aRegion => aContactPair%sides(1)%region)
      do j = 1, size(aRegion%contactRegions)
         associate(def => aRegion%contactRegions(j)%deflection)
            def%vector(1:3)%v = def%vector(1:3)%v - deltaVec
         end associate
      end do
   end associate
end subroutine 

Do loop do i=m+1,n executes even when m+1>n

I am an experienced Fortran developer for 20+ years developing chemical engineering software for the energy industry. I have been using Intel Fotran (v 10.1.024) since 2008 as it was adopted by the AspenTech chemical engineering software as part of its simulator. However, my legacy programs that had been compiled successfully with several compilers including CVF (6.6C), experience many unexplained errors in Intel Fortran. My questions to the forum are:

What happened to REAL documentation?

Joining other complaints I see from time to time on this forum, I have to strongly object to the current state of the documentation. It is simply very difficult to use. As an example, consider the search for help on the subject of Quickwin. In the old CVF days, or IVF prior to the time (v.9 or 10?) that documentation was absorved into VS, I could call up help and navigate using a tree explorer as follows:

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